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What is BB Glow?


BB Glow is a results driven facial treatment that aims to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, acne scarring, pigmentation & freckles, fine lines & wrinkles and combats problematic skin that suffers from sun damage, dry and dull skin. It incorporates mesotherapy techniques to deliver a series a booster ampoules into the first skin layer followed by a BB ampoule to even out skin tone.

Do you take Afterpay™️ ?


Yes but there is a 15% surcharge for all Afterpay payments. We use Afterpay only in salon for treatments. Afterpay cannot be used to purchase products.

What are the benefits of BB Glow?


Provides instant and ongoing gradual lightening/darkening effects
Does not clog pores
Neutralises free radicals
Restores even skin tone and complexion
Restores moisture to the skin
Reduces skin discolouration such as freckles/pigmentation
Reduces melanin in the skin before and after UV exposure
Safe and intensive treatment
Suitable for almost all skin types and colours
Quick recovery and no downtime
Low irritation procedure
Permanently helps to reduce acne scarring
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles with ongoing treatments
Can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Can be stopped any time
Natural looking no caking 
Slows down the process of natural ageing

Is BB Glow safe?


The BB Glow therapist will go through all of the contraindications before proceeding with the treatment. This is to ensure it is suitable for each individual. BB Glow is generally safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Is there any downtime after BB Glow treatments?


No! The only downtime is no makeup for 24 hours otherwise you will leave the salon glowing naturally.

How long does BB Glow last for?


BB Glow is a treatment that can be beneficial with or without ongoing regular treatments. The mesotherapy side to the treatment will continue to show improved results for 6-8 weeks. The BB Glow pigment upon initial treatment may last between 7-14 days depending on your skin type, with continued treatments the bb pigment can create greater coverage lasting up to 6 months.

Can I go tanning after my treatment?


Like with any other facial or body procedure that at any level causes trauma to the skin there is risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This can be activated with ultraviolet rays. We do not advise any UV exposure before or after BB Glow to ensure no risk of pigmenting the skin.

What is the after care for BB Glow?


The aftercare for BB Glow is very simple, you will be given a repair cream to use at home for 2 days, we advise you against using any exfoliators or scrubs to ensure not overstimulating the skin and not scrubbing off the BB Glow. You can wear makeup after 24 hours. SPF is advised for 10 days. No laser treatments are to be done on the face for a period of time.

How can I get in touch regarding training in cities other than Sydney?


Email or DM us on Instagram.

Where are you located?


We are located in Merrylands NSW. If you are travelling via train Parramatta train station & Merrylands train station are both about a 15 min walk to the salon.

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109 Warwick Road, Merrylands 2170
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